General English | Small Talk Level 1

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Welcome to your English Course with Archway English.

The topics in this course are general and safe Small Talk Topics. 

  • Level 1. Advanced basic/pre-intermediate (this is about a CEFR B1.1)
    • 10 lessons of 100+ minutes long
    • work at your own speed
    • every lesson has a new original article
    • all exercises linked to the original article
    • language used in a context
    • step-by-step and gentle way to build your key language skills
  • The course is great to help you:
    • refresh your language skills
    • continue development
    • be more fluent
    • learn grammar points that you missed before or need more practice in
    • practice different language areas to increase your vocabulary and knowledge
    • be more confident in English communication

Give your language skills a boost and book your course today!

As we say in English ”Practice Makes Perfect”

To develop speaking and listening skills for even more fluency and confidence,  contact us for one-to-one sessions with our team of Qualified Native British English Trainers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Modern and current articles
  • Reading comprehension practice
  • New key vocabulary words
  • Verbs, Modal auxiliary verbs
  • Prepositional verbs, Prepositional verb definitions
  • Collocations using the verb 'stay'
  • Verb & noun collocations
  • Present simple tense, Regular past tense, Present continuous tense
  • Gerunds ending with -ing
  • Adverbs, Adjectives
  • Adverbs of place and time
  • Comparatives, Superlatives
  • Nouns, Common and proper nouns, Uncountable nouns
  • Phrases, Verb phrases
  • Prepositions
  • Articles a,an, the
  • Determiners (quantifiers)
  • Conjunctions
  • Statements
  • Small introduction to idioms that are in the articles

Topics for this course

10 Lessons25h

Lesson 1.1

A.Article for the lessons in 1.1 ‘The importance of health in the time of COVID 19’
B.Reading Comprehension
C.17 Key Vocabulary Words
D.Key Vocabulary Words in Context
E.Verbs + Prepostional verbs
E.Prepositional Verb Definitions
F.Collocations using the verb: stay
F.Gerunds -ing endings
G.Present Tense

Lesson 1.2

Lesson 1.3

Lesson 1.4

Lesson 1.5

Lesson 1.6

Lesson 1.7

Lesson 1.8

Lesson 1.9

Lesson 1.10

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A very good course. I really enjoyed the different style of exercises and the topics. It was interesting, enjoyable and professional. I learned a lot of new words and expressions. I could also practice grammar, some of it I knew and some I forgot. I liked that I could take my time and really learn the language. I will definitely buy the next course when it's available because I'm motivated to learn more. Thank you!


Material Includes

  • All individual articles provided
  • All worksheets provided
  • Worksheets are presented as quizzes
  • All articles, worksheets and material is original, authentic and specifically designed for the courses at Archway English
  • Your are in control of when and where you complete the lessons
  • You decide how much time to spend on the lessons
  • You can check your own progress

Enrolment validity: 0 day


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of English
  • Courses start from pre-intermediate level
  • This course is for advanced beginners
  • Know your reason for learning and developing your English skills : )

Target Audience

  • 16 year olds and above
  • Young adults
  • All adults
  • Working adults
  • Non-working adults

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