General English | Small Talk Level 1

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Welcome to your English Course with Archway English.

The topics in this course are general and safe Small Talk Topics. 

  • Level 1. Advanced basic/pre-intermediate (this is about a CEFR B1.1)
    • 10 lessons of 100+ minutes long
    • work at your own speed
    • every lesson has a new original article
    • all exercises linked to the original article
    • language used in a context
    • step-by-step and gentle way to build your key language skills
  • The course is great to help you:
    • refresh your language skills
    • continue development
    • be more fluent
    • learn grammar points that you missed before or need more practice in
    • learn new language to help you increase your vocabulary and communication
    • be more knowledgeable and confident in English communication

Give your language skills a boost and book your course today!

As we say in English ” Practice Makes Perfect ”

To develop speaking and listening skills for even more fluency and confidence,  contact us for one-to-one sessions with our team of Qualified Native British English Trainers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Modern and current articles
  • Reading comprehension practice
  • New key vocabulary words
  • Verbs, Modal auxiliary verbs
  • Prepositional verbs, Prepositional verb definitions
  • Collocations using the verb 'stay'
  • Verb & noun collocations
  • Present simple tense, Regular past tense, Present continuous tense
  • Gerunds ending with -ing
  • Adverbs, Adjectives
  • Adverbs of place and time
  • Comparatives, Superlatives
  • Nouns, Common and proper nouns, Uncountable nouns
  • Phrases, Verb phrases
  • Prepositions
  • Articles a,an, the
  • Determiners (quantifiers)
  • Conjunctions
  • Statements
  • Small introduction to idioms that are in the articles

Topics for this course

10 Lessons25h

Lesson 1.1

A. Article ‘The importance of Health in the Time of COVID 19’00:2:18
B. Reading Comprehension
C. 17 Key Vocabulary Words
D. Key Vocabulary Words in Context
E. Verbs + Prepostional verbs
E. Prepositional Verb Definitions
F. Collocations using the verb: stay
F. Gerunds -ing endings
G. Present Tense
G. Adverbs
H. Idioms

Lesson 1.2

Lesson 1.3

Lesson 1.4

Lesson 1.5

Lesson 1.6

Lesson 1.7

Lesson 1.8

Lesson 1.9

Lesson 1.10

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • All individual articles provided
  • All worksheets provided
  • Worksheets are presented as quizzes
  • All articles, worksheets and material is original, authentic and specifically designed for the courses at Archway English
  • Your are in control of when and where you complete the lessons
  • You decide how much time to spend on the lessons
  • You can check your own progress


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of English
  • Courses start from pre-intermediate level
  • This course is for advanced beginners
  • Know your reason for learning and developing your English skills : )

Target Audience

  • 16 year olds and above
  • Young adults
  • All adults
  • Working adults
  • Non-working adults

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